Privacy policy

The following document contains the privacy policy adopted by ALERT Life Sciences Computing, S.A. regarding the protection of information of

Users are invited to visit ALERT's Web site under the terms and conditions for access and use. Access and use of the Web site is free of charge. Personal information will only be supplied voluntarily and when strictly necessary to use any ALERT® service or send requests to ALERT.

1. Data collection

When visiting the site, user data, such as IP (Internet Protocol) address, ISP (Internet Service Provider), operating system, date and length of visit, will automatically be registered.

The registered data will not enable ALERT to identify the user. All data is collected for statistical purposes (e.g. to determine the number of visitors, the duration of each visit, etc).

2. Personal information and access rights

Personal information will be provided freely and voluntarily, with a defined, explicit and legitimate purpose. The user must provide truthful, accurate and complete information, and maintain it up-to-date.

Whenever ALERT collects personal information, the owner of that information will be informed about the purpose of the data collection and processing. Furthermore, the user will also be informed on how to access his or her personal information in order to update, correct or eliminate it, as determined in the Personal Information Protection Act of the Portuguese legal system.

ALERT will not sell, distribute or provide personal information to third parties, including affiliate companies, without prior knowledge and consent of the owner of that information, except in cases in which ALERT is forced by law or by any legal or administrative decision to do so.

ALERT will not be responsible for personal information provided to third parties via any site connected to

3. Information protection policy

ALERT will employ the technical and organizational measures considered adequate to protect and maintain the confidentiality of users' personal information against loss, destruction, accidental or illicit, change, dissemination, unauthorized access or any other form of illicit usage. For that purpose, and to guarantee greater safety in processing personal information provided by users, data may be transferred to any country within or outside the European Union, namely to the U.S.A., where it will be stored. Users implicitly consent to this in accordance with article 20 of the Personal Information Protection Act of the Portuguese legal system.

Regardless of the aforementioned, once data is transferred to another country, the laws of that country also apply to the entities operating there, whether native or not, namely those laws concerning access to personal information by authorities, such as the police, and tax or security departments. Furthermore, whenever legally or judicially required by authorities, users agree and accept that ALERT will grant those entities access to users' personal information.

Regardless of all the safety measures adopted by ALERT - encryption systems and "Firewalls" - site users accept and acknowledge that the transmission of their data is performed in an open network - the Internet - and, thus, ALERT cannot guarantee the safety of its circulation. Users are, hence, aware that their information might be seen and used by unauthorized third parties.

As far as legally possible under the applicable legislation, ALERT will not be liable for any failure and/or loss of storage of any message, data or content, either due to, but not limited to, network disturbances, computer failure, errors and/or faults from the Internet service provider.

4. Site use by minors

The site is to be used by adults only.

ALERT expressly requests minors not to register and/or transmit any personal information on the site.

For further information or access to personal information, please contact:

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