The ALERT PARTNERS PROGRAM (APP) is a relationship model between ALERT, a Licensed Partner and its Customers, in order to prepare and support the Partner to market, deploy and maintain ALERT® solutions.

An ALERT Partner will use the acquired knowledge in ALERT’s products, methodologies, and implementation experience, to promote, sell, deploy and maintain the ALERT® solutions in its own market.

The implementation of a project based on the ALERT® suite of products is a complex process that requires the intervention of several teams. These teams have specific and complementary skills in large scale project management, implementation and change management, clinical content knowledge, functional and technical expertise in integration with various medical systems and devices, expertise in protected health information (PHI), data migration, technical and infrastructure management, testing, training and on-site support.

These set of comprehensive skills and experience aim at generating benefits for the parties involved in the project, such as the Partner, the Customer and its professionals and ALERT.

Considering that the set-up of a team and its skills depend not only on the knowledge of the product to implement, but also on a learning curve related to the experience accumulated throughout various projects, a Licensed Partner will acquire gradual autonomy in implementing ALERT® products.

The training process for a Partner includes continuous and progressive learning about ALERT and its products and methodologies. Once a certain level of expertise regarding product and implementation methodologies has been achieved, the Partner will then be eligible for a certification status.