MyALERT®  Family Pack

MyALERT® enables citizens to organize and manage their own health records and the records of those under their care in an integrated manner and in a single application (up to 5 users). 

With MyALERT®, all relevant past and current family information is available to physicians to whom the citizen has given access permissions. By maintaining a comprehensive health record that is always up-to-date and easily accessible, citizens will be more involved in issues pertaining to their own health and to the health of their loved ones.

MyALERT®'s Family Pack allows for the documentation of problems, allergies, lab test results, medication, immunization and percentiles.

The application also includes tools that enable users to start health programs such as smoking cessation and weight control, as well as complete monitoring and risk assessments.

MyALERT® is compatible with other ALERT® products and clinical software in order to make information sharing between citizens and healthcare professionals easier.