MyALERT® Single License

MyALERT® allows you to create and manage your Personal Electronic Health Record, which is globally known as Personal Health Record (PHR).

A Personal Health Record allows you to record, monitor and share various aspects of your medical history.

MyALERT® aims at making your clinical encounters more objective and efficient by providing access to your clinical details anywhere - at home, at the physician practice or when travelling.

Since you can schedule e-mail alerts on MyALERT®, you will never forget your appointments or medication again.

MyALERT® includes tools that will help you monitor aspects related to your health and quality of life. You will be able to organize all information on your eating habits, physical exercise, hours of sleep, drinking and smoking.

MyALERT® can give you suggestions on actions to take to correct habits that may be harmful to you, and it can provide you with support during that process.