ALERT® solutions updated in Mexico
02 november 2018
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New versions of ALERT® EDIS, INPATIENT and OUTPATIENT at the Tec Salud Group of Monterrey.


On September 16, 2018, the ALERT® EDIS, ALERT® INPATIENT and ALERT® OUTPATIENT solutions were updated to version at this prestigious group. This intervention was performed by using the ALERT® NEAR ZERO DOWNTIME (NZD) process, which allows updates with the minimum possible downtime of the ALERT® application.


The new functionalities of this version bring significant improvements for users in the various areas of clinical documentation and prescription of diagnostic tests, as well as in the area of internal and external medication. With this new version the user will be able to access reports in CDA (Clinical Document Architecture) format and share them with the patient via the application Misalud (MyALERT® product), which is already available for patients with scheduled appointments in the Cardiology Institute.


Besides the new functionalities mentioned above, it is important to highlight that ALERT® CONFIGURATION TOOL was also installed with this version, and this tool will provide the client with the autonomy to configure, create or make content available.


The Zambrano Hellion Hospital and the San José Hospital are part of the healthcare network of the TEC Salud Group of Monterrey that is a private institution with a multiplicity of clinical specialties and professionals.


The two hospitals deal with a monthly average of 1,900 episodes in the emergency services and have a total capacity of 300 beds in the inpatient services.


The 11 institutes of Zambrano Hellion Hospital process an average of 10,000 outpatient appointments every month.



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