ALERT® attained new product certification
28 mei 2018
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On May 16, 2018, ALERT® PFH v2.7 successfully obtained NOM-024-SSA3-2012 in Mexico.
ALERT is proud to announce its most recent achievement for the Mexican market, which reflects commitment, team work and much dedication to product certification projects that greatly benefit ALERT's customers.
The official Mexican norm called NOM-024-SSA3-2012 relates to Electronic Documentation Information Systems for Healthcare Information Exchange in Healthcare and is a highly recognized certification with specific Object Identifiers (OIDs) that can be consulted here.
During the testing phase the various strengths of ALERT® PFH v2.7 were highlighted and there were no identified weaknesses or non-conformities. This means that ALERT® can now be used in healthcare environments in Mexico with complete fulfilment of this market’s norms and guidelines.
This great step further emphasizes the Mexican market and its importance for ALERT.
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