Successful ALERT® upgrade at Santa Maria Hospital in Lisbon, Portugal
31 July 2014
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On June 12, 2014, ALERT® EDIS and ALERT® INPATIENT, which are implemented in Santa Maria Hospital, in Lisbon, were updated to v2.5.2.17.
Integrated in the Lisboa Norte Hospital Complex, Santa Maria Hospital is a reference healthcare facility within the Portuguese National Health Service, as well as an important university hospital.
This ALERT® upgrade benefits the General Emergency Service, the Pediatric Emergency Service and the Gynecology/Obstetrics Emergency Services of that hospital, which work on a 24/7 basis. Each of those services has a Short Stay Inpatient Unit or Observation Service. The facility also provides amenities for Social Services.
Santa Maria Hospital's emergency services process an average of 500 episodes per day, 13% of which are forwarded to inpatient. Around 3 350 professionals work in this service (including physicians, nurses, cardiopulmonary technicians, imaging technicians, lab technicians, social workers, ancillary workers and registrars).
This update includes, among other functionalities, the second Manchester Triage version and the ability to prescribe for the outside pharmacy via ALERT® EDIS and ALERT® INPATIENT. An average of 2 200 online and 18 offline prescriptions were processed until the end of June.
The update was a success. In a written statement to ALERT, João Louro, Service Director of Information Systems, was keen to mention "that ALERT®'s upgrade was conducted in an outstanding manner".
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