Successful ALERT® upgrade at José Joaquim Fernandes Hospital in Beja, Portugal
17 June 2015
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On May 26, 2015, ALERT® EDIS and ALERT® INPATIENT, which are implemented at José Joaquim Fernandes Hospital, in Beja, were updated to v2.5.2.27.
This ALERT® upgrade benefits the General Emergency Service, the Pediatric Emergency Service and the Gynecology/Obstetrics Emergency Services of that hospital.
This update includes, among other functionalities, the second Manchester Triage version and the ability to prescribe for the outside pharmacy via ALERT® EDIS and ALERT® INPATIENT.
José Joaquim Fernandes Hospital is part of the Baixo Alentejo Local Healthcare Unit, which has 70 subdivisions and a team of around 1 600 healthcare professionals. 
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