Minister for Economic Affairs and Innovation visits ALERT
04 September 2009
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The Portuguese Minister for Economic Affairs and Innovation, Teixeira dos Santos, visited ALERT Life Sciences Computing's head office, located in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, on September 4, 2009. The Assistant Secretary of State for Industry and Innovation and representatives from the Portuguese Institute for the Support of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (IAPMEI) and the Portuguese Agency for External Investment and Business (AICEP) were also present.

The Minister was received by ALERT's COO, César Guimarães, who gave a brief presentation on the company's history. In his speech, César Guimarães emphasized ALERT's export volume in the context of the company's total turnover and also the great and progressive success brought by the excellence of its products and the correct choices made regarding investment in new markets. To illustrate that success, ALERT's COO mentioned the various awards received by the company and the fact that no product de-installations have happened to date.

The Minister for Economic Affairs and Innovation thanked ALERT for the invitation. ALERT is a company where some of his former students currently work - César Guimarães being one of them - and reiterated the importance of young entrepreneurship. Clearly impressed with ALERT's achievements, Teixeira dos Santos said that we should look at these examples as evidence that we can innovate and create success stories in Portugal.

Teixeira dos Santos declared that companies such as ALERT give a definite contribution towards changing the type of Portuguese exports and diversify the geographical areas of business, especially, according to his own words, "from the Americas to the East". Cases such as ALERT's lead "the path to overcome future challenges of the Portuguese economy".

The Minister also reinforced the Government's role as a support provider focusing on technological entrepreneurship and on the internationalization of companies that represent an added value for the national economy.

According to Teixeira dos Santos, ALERT's success formula lies in the combination of young entrepreneurship and the identification of business opportunities in a growing area (the healthcare area), together with a clear investment on internationalization.

The Minister believes that ALERT has proved its ability to bring real improvements to hospital services by effectively contributing towards the optimization of resources used, thus becoming a reference in national and global markets.

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