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06 April 2011
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ALERT’s Language Department was at the Letters and Human Sciences Institute of the University of Minho in Braga, Portugal, to give a presentation about their role and importance within ALERT.


The presentation, which took place on March 31, was given by the Head of Department, Aurora Peixoto, to translation study students of all years of the degree as well as to MA and Erasmus students also specializing in the area as part of the Translation Studies teaching program.


For more than an hour and a half, the speaker discoursed about the general workings of the department, the challenges that linguists and translators face in the fast growing area of clinical IT, and the constant quest for excellence given the delicate nature of this type of work.   
The amphitheatre where the event was held was very well attended by over 100 students and teachers and the enthusiasm and interest in what was being communicated was evident in the various questions that were asked.


At the end of the presentation ALERT was formally congratulated by the representatives of the University of Minho for doing a “fantastic job” in their care and attention to language. Furthermore, it was said that recognizing the importance of translation was a sure success factor for the company as a whole.


ALERT is a reference clinical software company that uses state-of-the-art technology for a variety of healthcare settings. The ALERT® product is contracted in 12 countries and is available in 9 languages.

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