Business Intelligence Healthcare was highlighted again in eSaúde magazine
26 March 2014
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The Business Intelligence Healthcare solutions (including ALERT® DATA WAREHOUSE) were highlighted again in eSaúde, a Portuguese electronic magazine, with the publication of the second part of an article on Business Intelligence.


Entitled “Adopção e Utilização de Sistemas de Business Intelligence na Saúde – Healthcare Business Intelligence (tutorial)” (a tutorial on adopting and using Business Intelligence Systems in Healthcare), the article was written by Hélder Quintela, Business Intelligence & Planning System Director at ALERT Life Sciences Computing S.A.


The first part of the article approaches the subject's scope and the main factors involved in defining the Business Intelligence strategy.  The second part of the article presents a possible technical and functional architecture for a Business Intelligence System for healthcare. The author concludes the article by highlighting the growing interest among health organizations regarding the use of analytical applications and the privileged role played by Business Intelligence Systems in the management of healthcare information.


eSaúde is an electronic magazine dedicated to information systems for healthcare and to the sharing and promoting of good practices in e-health.


To read the second part of the article, click here.

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