ALERT sponsors Saúde Business Fórum's golf championship for the 2nd consecutive year
05 October 2009
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For the second consecutive year, ALERT, a Portuguese multinational company that develops and sells hospital management information systems, will be sponsoring Saúde Business Fórum's golf championship. This forum gathers Brazil's leaders in healthcare and is taking place from October 1-4, 2009, at Praia do Forte, Baía, in Brazil. According to Luiz Brescia, ALERT Brazil's Managing Director, this event is a great opportunity to generate new business as it gathers key executives from the healthcare industry that have the economic and strategic decision power to generate new business.

The company expects to sign new contracts and to expand the usage of the ALERT® system, which is already present in Europe, Asia and North and South America. ALERT® has already been adopted by several hospitals in the Minas Gerais state and in São Paulo, in Brazil. Besides sponsoring this event, ALERT will also be participating in the forum with a Business Suite, an area in which to receive executives from the healthcare industry and introduce the company's solutions. This space will hold pre-scheduled meetings of 30 minutes each with ALERT's COO, César Guimarães.

"The golf championship is the event's main social activity and by sponsoring it we are bringing visibility to the company. The Business Suite will provide more proximity to the executives so that we can show them our solutions and demonstrate how they can improve the clinical process and the quality of healthcare provided", Luiz Brescia declared.

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