ALERT sponsors Inter-Schools CATÓLICA | Science and Health 2011 award
09 November 2010
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ALERT is one of the sponsors of the Inter-Schools CATÓLICA| Science and Health 2011 award, which is dedicated to "Science, Healthcare and Volunteering in Unison". This award is aimed at all Portuguese (mainland and isles) school students, especially those enrolled in the Science and Technology course.


The award intends to raise awareness and involve the younger population, from an early age, in creating conditions to avoid social exclusion and increase the wellbeing of the elderly, in connection with healthcare, and contribute towards a more cooperative, dynamic and inclusive society.


Cristina Meireles, Head of the ALERT Foundation Project, commented that “when designating 2011 as European Year of Volunteering, the European Union decided to pose a challenge to civil society during a particularly difficult time, both nationally and internationally. ALERT, via its Foundation, which is still in the process of being established, finds it important to participate in this Católica University initiative in organizing the "Science, Healthcare and Volunteering in Unison" award, and is very proud to be its sponsor as a means to value the work in benefit of others and the spirit of generosity that should populate our collective conscience."

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