ALERT participated in Automation and Healthcare Congress in Belgium
11 May 2012
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On May 8, ALERT participated in the Automation and Healthcare Congress in Belgium with a presentation on the proven benefits of the ALERT® Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and experiences regarding the implementation of a comprehensive EMR. 


The results of the case study on the benefits of implementing ALERT® at a Portuguese hospital, carried out by the Technical University of Lisbon, was the main point of this presentation.


This study, which was accepted for publication in the International Journal of Information Management, clearly shows that ALERT® EMR and its related implementation methodology have a significant positive impact on the quality of care and on hospital management.


The presentation focused on the unique features of ALERT’s EMR, as well as its integrated healthcare logistics and business intelligence system, which have proved to be important drivers for the presented benefits. For the full potential of the benefits to be achieved, it is important to consider the implementation strategy as a quality and organization improvement project, which requires considerable efforts in change management. ALERT’s flexible implementation methodology acknowledges this, since a significant part of the implementation process is devoted to analysis and behavioral change. This is in line with successful change management according to international studies.


The audience showed great interest in ALERT® EMR and its related vision. The Congress brought together more than 600 professionals, mainly from healthcare facilities in Belgium. 

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