ALERT® OUTPATIENT went live at Cancer Hospital III of INCA in Brazil
21 July 2015
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ALERT® OUTPATIENT went live on Tuesday, July 7, 2015, at the ambulatory services of the Cancer Hospital III (Hospital do Câncer III – HC III), which integrates the National Cancer Institute (Instituto Nacional do Câncer – INCA) in Brazil.
The ambulatory services of HC III offer 10 medical specialties and Mastology is this unit’s main specialty area. Furthermore, multidisciplinary services such as nursing, psychology, social services, nutrition and physiotherapy are also provided.
Version, which was installed, will grant support to a team of a 100 teaching and resident physicians that are part of a vast specialized clinical body.
This is yet another ALERT® module that was implemented at this healthcare facility, which already works with ALERT® INPATIENT, ALERT® EDIS and ALERT® ORIS.
HC III plays a very important role in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and actively participates in research and training programs developed by INCA. HC III provides free hospital and medical assistance, as well as diagnosis confirmation, surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.
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