ALERT® ORIS and ALERT® INPATIENT went live at Chaves Hospital

Chaves Hospital has now implemented the core modules of ALERT® PAPER FREE HOSPITAL

18 December 2006
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After having implemented ALERT® EDIS in May 5, 2003, and ALERT® OUTPATIENT in March 1, 2006, Chaves hospital, in Portugal, went live in December 15, 2006, with ALERT® ORIS and ALERT® INPATIENT. 


Chaves hospital was the first hospital to adopt ALERT® EDIS, ALERT® OUTPATIENT and ALERT® PAPER FREE HOSPITAL, following its commitment to becoming a complete paper free hospital. 


Evora hospital followed Chaves pioneering efforts by adopting this hospital-wide solution, and will be implementing ALERT® PAPER FREE HOSPITAL in 2007. Other hospitals in Italy and in the U.S. are now pursuing similar efforts and negotiating its implementations of ALERT® PAPER FREE HOSPITAL.

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