ALERT® MANCHESTER in Emergency Departments of Galicia's state hospitals
08 December 2008
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The ALERT® MANCHESTER solution, which is used for patient triage at hospital Emergency Services, is currently being implemented in all hospitals belonging to the Galician health services (Servicio Gallego de Salud - SERGAS), which is an autonomous region in the Northwest of Spain. 


This means that the ALERT® solution will be used in all Emergency Departments across the Galician region. Two other Spanish Consejerias de Sanidad (regional health Services) that are responsible for the management of healthcare in the autonomous regions of Asturias and Valencia had already adopted this product. 


Galicia has a population of around 3 million inhabitants, one of the most populated areas in Spain. 


This contract has been signed with ALERT Life Sciences Computing SL, the ALERT Group company for the Spanish and Latin-American markets.

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