ALERT® MANCHESTER goes live at João XXIII Hospital, Brazil
03 September 2008
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João XXIII Hospital, which has one of the most important emergency departments in Brazil, with over 400 episodes per day, uses ALERT® MANCHESTER for its patients' risk assessment. After a 60 day period of using the Manchester Protocol manually, the hospital has started using the computerized version of the process, ALERT® MANCHESTER, which has further improved the numerous benefits that have already been acknowledged throughout the facility. The usability and safety of ALERT®'s graphic user interface allowed for the quick adoption of the product by the triage nurses on its very first day of operation. ALERT® EDIS will go live from September 11, 2008, thus completing the computerization cycle of the hospital's emergency department. 


The Minas Gerais project, in Brazil, also contemplates the computerization of a further 18 emergency departments and the installation of ALERT® MANCHESTER throughout the State of Minas Gerais.

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