ALERT launches new Portuguese Society of Ophthalmology website
08 May 2014
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ALERT launched the new Portuguese Society of Ophthalmology (Sociedade Portuguesa de Oftalmologia) portal on April 15, 2014.


Redesigned in partnership between ALERT and the Portuguese Society of Ophthalmology (PSO), the new website offers a new and attractive design. In addition to being more intuitive and user-friendly to navigate, it is also possible to access the new portal through mobile devices.


From the new portal's homepage, users are able to access highlighted events, including the Annual Agenda for PSO Events , the "PSO Ophthalmology Museum", "Question on Glaucoma" and the PSO Congress.  This page also includes six resident buttons with access to Most Frequent Questions, the "Ophthalmology" magazine, previous Newsletters, the current online PSO questionnaire and the Young PSO area. Additionally, the homepage presents national and international events and other information.


Visit the new PSO website at

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