ALERT® INPATIENT went live at INCA's Cancer Hospital IV in Brazil
18 July 2014
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On July 16, 2014, version of ALERT® INPATIENT went live at the inpatient services of Cancer Hospital IV (Hospital do Câncer IV - HC IV), which integrates the  National Cancer Institute (Instituto Nacional de Câncer - INCA) in Brazil. 
The ALERT® solution for inpatient services is the third module to be implemented at this healthcare facility. The professionals' receptivity was very positive. ALERT® ORIS already supports the hospital's operating room since August 2013 and ALERT® EDIS went live at the facility's emergency department in July of the same year.
The inpatient services of HC IV are distributed in four floors with a total of 56 beds. This service is responsible for the palliative inpatient services of INCA in its entirety and has an occupation rate of 80%. The service's team has around 200 professionals (including 21 physicians and 49 nurses), who are all users of ALERT® INPATIENT.
HC IV is INCA's palliative unit care, the mission of which is to "promote and provide oncological palliative care of the highest quality, with a technical and humanitarian ability, which focus on offering the highest life quality to patients and their family". 
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