ALERT® ERP PSCM is now operational in Guarda and Seia in Portugal
17 November 2009
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The Pharmacy and Supply Chain Management (PSCM) module of ALERT® ERP has been in use at the Local Healthcare Unit (LHU) of Guarda in Portugal since the beginning of November 2009.

This LHU integrates two facilities: Sousa Martins Hospital in Guarda, and Nossa Senhora da Assunção Hospital in Seia.

In general terms, the PSCM module of ALERT® ERP provides the enormous advantage of effectively managing the purchase, storage, distribution and consumption of all hospital products.

At an initial stage, this application will enable Guarda’s LHU to manage pharmacy products. Later on, the LHU will be able to manage all types of products.

PDAs (mobile equipment) will also be used for tasks such as receiving, picking, delivering and consumption, in order to make the whole product distribution chain more agile.

Sousa Martins Hospital had already acquired other ALERT® solutions, so the acquisition of ALERT® ERP represents another sign of their satisfaction with ALERT® products.

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