ALERT® EDIS went live at the National Cancer Institute in Brazil
23 March 2012
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ALERT® EDIS went live on March 21 at the National Cancer Institute (INCA) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


The facility chosen to kick off the implementation project was Cancer Hospital II (HC II). HC II is part of INCA and is responsible for adults registered in the Gynecology and Clinical Oncology Services. This healthcare facility provides outpatient and inpatient care and performs surgeries. This is one of the best equipped hospitals in the Brazilian healthcare system. With seven floors and 83 beds, HC II spreads over a 6 200 sq-m area and employs 490 people.


In 2009, HC II was certified by the Acreditação Hospitalar Consortium for Brazilian Accreditation– organization connected to the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations– for providing quality services to patients and escorts according to international technical, management and human services quality standards.


ALERT® EDIS is ALERT's complete solution for Emergency Departments.

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