ALERT acquires myPartner Healthcare

COTEC 2007 Award winner complements its offer in the medical software field with a complete management solution

03 October 2007
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ALERT Life Sciences Computing, S.A has just acquired myPartner Healthcare, S.A, a company fully committed to developing and implementing specific solutions to manage entrepreneurial resources in the healthcare field. 


Through this acquisition, ALERT can now offer a comprehensive software solution to the healthcare sector, covering not only the clinical field, with solutions which allow paper free clinical procedures, but also the healthcare unit management, including billing, human resources and client management. 


Resulting from a partnership between ALERT Life Sciences Computing S.A. and myPartner Consultoria Informática, Lda., myPartner Healthcare, S.A. started its activity in July 2006. After a little over a year's activity, this company has reached a sales volume of 970 thousand euros and estimates a total of 3 million euros new contracts in the near future. 


With a comprehensive offer in the management of healthcare units, myPartner Healthcare presents a complete vertical solution for Finance and Accounting, Material Resources, Hospital Logistics and Pharmacy, Billing and Human Resources Management. 


Among the products developed by myPartner Healthcare, the focus goes to ALERT® ERP - Finance and Accounting, ALERT® ERP - Billing, ALERT® ERP - Pharmacy and Supply Chain Management, and ALERT® ERP - Business Analytics. Also developed by this company were ALERT® ERP - Equipment Management and Fixed Assets, ALERT® ERP - Human Resources and Payroll and ALERT® CRM - Contacts and Services. 


myPartner Healthcare products are already being implemented throughout Portugal, namely in the Chaves District Hospital, the Rovisco Pais Rehabilitation Medical Center and in the Hospital Espírito Santo in Évora. 



Over 35 thousand ALERT® users 


With the acquisition of myPartner Healthcare, ALERT Life Sciences Computing, S.A. complements its offer in the clinical software field with a complete management solution. ALERT is the parent company of the group with the same name, which includes ALERT Life Sciences Computing, Inc. in the U.S. and Innova Auria in Spain. Furthermore, ALERT® software is already distributed in 27 countries in all continents. 


ALERT® products have already been adopted by 133 hospitals and healthcare centers in Portugal, the US, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy, in a total already exceeding 35 thousand users. In Portugal, ALERT® REFERRAL has been adopted nationwide by the Ministry of Health and is being implemented in all national hospitals and healthcare centers. Chaves District Hospital and the Hospital Espírito Santo in Évora are now implementing the ALERT® PAPER FREE HOSPITAL, a product that aims at the elimination of paper inside institutions. 


ALERT Life Sciences Computing, S.A. has won the 2007 edition of COTEC-BPI SME Innovation Award. This award is evidence of the innovative nature of the company, which already integrated COTEC Innovation SME. ALERT was also the only Portuguese company nominated for the IST Prize 2006 (European Information Society Technologies Prize), sponsored by the European Commission, which rewards the best products in European innovation technologies in the field of the Information Society.

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