4 new integration statements for ALERT®
05 March 2009
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ALERT®’s participation in the North-American Connectathon in Chicago, between February 23 and 27, 2009, was a success. 


The ALERT team participated in this event with four different products; their capacity to interoperate with other facilities’ clinical systems, using standards and technologies known worldwide, was intensely tested: 


- ALERT® Audit Record Repository; 

- ALERT® PIX – new Patient Demographics Query module in HL7 v3.0; 

- ALERT® EDIS Content Consumer – new XDS.b profile; 

- ALERT® XDS Registry. 


HITSP profiles corresponding to IHE profiles were also tested during this event. Besides the IHE validations, ALERT® successfully underwent tests on the corresponding HITSP profiles, thus reinstating that it meets HITSP requirements for interoperability. 


This event was also a rehearsal for the public demonstration of interoperability (Interoperability Showcase) taking place in Chicago between April 5 and 8. By passing the required tests, ALERT® EDIS ensured its participation in HIMSS09. 


Catherine Glenz (Vice-President of ALERT’s Clinical Operations) was invited by IHE to integrate this event’s organization team as a scene manager – in charge of managing participants regarding the various planned interoperability scenarios for the Interoperability Showcase at HIMSS09. Catherine Glenz will integrate the docents’ team: she will be responsible for guiding visitors throughout interoperability demonstrations.

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